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Holdings of Chokhin
Holdings of Chokhin.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Map area 2.68%
Neighbors Mihanu Township
Vehjin Mines
Services Collector
Rare Scroll Trader
Rune Trader
Holdings of Chokhin map.jpg
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The Holdings of Chokhin are an explorable area in Vabbi and are the domain of Prince Mehtu the Wise. His library-palace, the Halls of Chokhin, is located in the northeast. The rest of the Holdings consists mainly of narrow, rocky gorges connecting a few small open areas. The northwestern flatlands are on the edge of a lake that appears to be the source of the Elon, meaning that this area may be of great strategic importance in the future.


Shrines and Blessings[]


Holdings of Chokhin[]


Mysterious Lights found in Southwest area.






  • Vanquishers must defeat 244-248 foes in this area.
  • It is possible to reach the Halls of Chokhin without having to fight any enemies.
Bug.png Bug! If the quest Pledge of the Merchant Princes is active, there are two instances of Prince Mehtu in the library.



The NPCs found in the Halls of Chokhin are mostly named after people who have contributed to the lore of Guild Wars. Specifically, the Lore Forum of GWO, a popular Guild Wars elite fansite. Each corresponding NPC parodies the personalities and works or research of the person he or she is named in honor of.

For instance, Master Librarian Antohneoss is likely named after the Loremaster of GWO Quintus Antonius, and talks about running the library in a style similar to Quintus's moderation. Other NPCs include:

  • Librarian Ehrahtimos, who talks about the younger librarians being disrespectful (Eratimus-a former lore moderator of GWO)
  • Librarian Mularuk, who speaks of the nature of the Titans (Mularc Templare-wrote a paper on the Titans which was later confirmed in Nightfall)
  • Librarian Nichi the Ranger, who was nicknamed "Ranger" for fieldwork (Ranger Nietzsche-determined experimentally the relative sizes of the various continents)
  • Librarian Kahlidahri, whos focuses on the natural world of Tyria (Kalidri-a GWO moderator, and GW wildlife researcher)
  • Sakutila, who proposes strange battles between NPCs (Scutilla-runs "deathmatches" between various GW characters)
  • Librarian Chitohn, who doubts the validity of the ancient texts (Cthon-believed the Manuscripts were propaganda)
  • Librarian Gahmir Lenon, who speaks on Orr (Gmr Leon-Orrian historian).