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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest "Horde of Darkness". For the monster of the same name, see Horde of Darkness (monster).




  1. Teach your Junundu Wurm to Junundu Siege by devouring an Elder Siege Wurm.
  2. Destroy the Horde of Darkness guarding access to the Ruins of Morah by using Junundu Siege.
  3. Strike down the Solitary Colossus with your Junundu Siege attacks to create a path to the Ruins of Morah.
  4. Speak with Captain Mehhan.
  5. See Captain Mehhan for your reward.

Obtained from[]

Priest Kehmtut in Bone Palace


A Deal's a Deal



Opening Dialogue[]

"To finish this business, you will need firepower like you have never wielded before. The force you just defeated is nothing compared to what now rises in the Alkali Pan. To reach Varesh, you must face the Horde of Darkness... the very Margonites who fought the gods when Abaddon stormed the gates of heaven. Do not despair. The great wurms wield great power. Travel north to the Shattered Ravines where you will find elder siege wurms. Kill them and allow your great wurms to devour their carcasses, imbuing them the carnal knowledge of how to use siege attacks. This is your only chance against the Horde. If you fail, the Horde of Darkness will spill forth across the world like an eternal shadow, and forever the eternal darkness shall reign. You living folk might want to see to that."
Accept: "Yes. Yes, we really should see to that. Good idea."
Reject: "God-battling demons and fire-spitting wurms, huh? Maybe later. First, I think I should go have a nice lie-down."
When asked about quest: "Before you battle the Horde of Darkness in the Alkali Pan, you must first travel north to the Shattered Ravines and teach your wurms how to shoot long range siege attacks. Fill their bellies with elder siege wurms and they will learn this awesome power."

Intermediate Dialogue (Captain Mehhan)[]

"You are the ones Morgahn has sided with? It is good to see such bright heroes in a time of total darkness. Ah, I see you can tell I have been touched by Varesh's dark god, Abaddon. Yes. It is true. I was left behind when Varesh sent her forces into Vabbi to hunt the Sunspears. As more and more of her army received the dark god's "blessing," some were driven mad while others committed suicide rather than suffer the madness. I had to stay strong even as I descended into darkness. I knew Morgahn would need good men if he were to ever return. So, I remained with Varesh as she crossed the Desolation and seized the Bone Palace. Varesh then pushed on toward the Mouth of Torment, where she now performs her dark ceremony even as we speak. As the ceremony swelled, the strongest creatures I've ever encountered rallied for battle. That was the Horde of Darkness you just decimated. Abaddon only knows what you will face next. I was left in charge of Varesh's final line of defense but, as you can see, I am at Morgahn's service, not hers. What would you have of me?"
Player response: "We must reach the Mouth of Torment."
"Of course. I am here to serve Morgahn. I've seen what Varesh's dark god plans for this world; it is not what I would want for my children... or anyone else. Even though I've been "blessed," that doesn't mean I cannot fight this battle to the end. Let me know when you are ready."
Accept: "We are ready."
Reject: "We are not ready."

Cinematic Dialogue[]

Morgahn: "The Mouth of Torment. Varesh's mentor, Kahyet, spoke of it."
Morgahn: "It was here that the Five Gods defeated Abaddon."
Morgahn: "Here that the walls of his prison are the weakest."
<party leader>: "Here that Varesh Ossa will finish her ritual."
Morgahn: "She will turn the world into Torment, and unleash Abaddon into that world."
<party leader>: "Are you up for this?"
Morgahn: "Yes. No. I just remember Varesh as she was. She did so much for Kourna. She was a good leader."
<party leader>: "She has been touched by Abaddon."
Morgahn: "We have all been touched by Abaddon. Our entire world. We must stop it now."
<party leader>: "When the time comes, you have to strike."
Morgahn: "I know. But I will strike her down only because I remember what she was."
Morgahn: "I will redeem her memory."
<party leader>: "That will be good enough."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Please take this with my thanks. You see, Morgahn and I were close friends, even though his father was a high-ranking noble and mine just a simple guard captain. We both worship Lyssa and grew up viewing the world in much the same way. He and I have seen more than our share of dire situations and have saved each other's lives more times than either of us care to remember. I would follow him into the depths of the realm of Torment if he so commanded. It is a shame Varesh and Bayel could not inspire that loyalty."


Ruins of Morah (mission)


The Elder Siege Wurms that you must locate can be found in the Shattered Ravines. If you have already reached the Lair of the Forgotten, then exit from there. Otherwise, you will need to travel from the Bone Palace and head north across Joko's Domain to get to the Shattered Ravines.

Once there, head towards the northeastern corner, towards the only green patch of ground in the whole of the Desolation. There you will find several Elder Siege Wurms. Despite what the quest summary says, you do not actually devour them, you merely need to kill them to trigger the quest update. Once the quest triggers, your Junundu wurms (in any area) will have access to the skill Junundu Siege.

Map travel back to Bone Palace. Then head to Alkali Pan and call the wurms again. Simply follow the quest markers to take out the three groups of Horde of Darkness.(Note: You can only kill them by using Junundu Siege) Be wary of Desert Wurms (usually in pairs) and the other mobs as you hunt them. To complete Step 3, simply approach the so-called Colossus and activate Junundu Siege. The Colossus will come within range when you approach along the sulfurous sands. The Colossus will collapse after one hit.

Go around the small hill and onto the rocky area and cross the now fallen Colossus and talk to Captain Mehhan. He will teleport the party into the Ruins of Morah for quest completion.


  • This quest is the only way for your character to learn Junundu Siege.
  • If you travel with at least one player who has Junundu Siege already, you can head directly to the Horde of Darkness and the Solitary Colossus, allowing you to complete the quest without going to get the the siege skill first.
  • The Solitary Colossus is vulnerable to burning, so it can be killed with skills like Burning Arrow or various Elementalist fire builds.
  • Briefly detour to the Lair of the Forgotten after the second part of the quest (as it will speed your travels later on).
  • You can easily complete Strange Bedfellows (which also begins at the Bone Palace) during the second half of this quest.
  • Most of the quest can be completed while in wurm form, making it relatively easy even in Hard Mode.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! If you complete the quest and enter the mission area without speaking to Captain Mehhan, you can go back out and kill the Solitary Colossus again, looping the animation. By this method you can run about halfway across the ravine without a bridge under you before it resets.