House zu Heltzer (Great House)

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Disambiguous.png This article is about the family/political entity known as House zu Heltzer. For information on the town of the same name, see House zu Heltzer.
The gothic architecture of House Zu Heltzer

The House zu Heltzer is one of the five Great Houses of ancient Kurzick families in Cantha. According to the Historian Of Houses:

Members of the House zu Heltzer are the leaders of the Kurzicks. Since the Jade Wind passed over the forest two hundred years ago, the zu Heltzers have led a renaissance of thought, magic and art.
They are the greatest builders and inventors, enchanting the stone itself with magical wards and protections.
Their house motto is "The mind conquers all."
Their patron God is Dwayna.

Their leader is Count zu Heltzer, their patron saint is Saint Viktor and their home city is the Kurzick capital of House zu Heltzer.