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Shortcut, starting from Blacktide


  1. Rendevous with the Grentch squad in Fahranur, The First City.
  2. Capture the Wintersday stocking by destroying its protectors. 5...0 of 5 groups remain.
  3. See Elder Skruuj for your reward.

Obtained from

Elder Skruuj in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan (during Wintersday)


White Mist



"There's no time to waste. I've been informed of the location of an enourmous Wintersday stocking stuffed to the seams with a plethora of of presents. These goodies are to be delivered on Wintersday to residents all over Istan. We cannot allow this travesty to happen! You must seek this stinking goodie sock and capture it for our cause. It will be guarded by servants of Dwayna, but you will not be alone in your mission. A squadron of Grentches will await you in Fahranur. Join them and procure the presents in the name of Grenth."
Accept: "There's no better time for stealing presents than the... well... present."
Reject: "Put a sock in it Skruuj."
When asked about quest: "Go to Fahranur. The Grentches are waiting for you."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Grentch: "I smell unhappiness!"
Grentch: "That smell is your breath!"
Grentch: "Are we almost there? My feet are killing me!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Grentch: "The presents are ours. OURS!"
Grentch: "I've got a wonderful, awful idea in store for these gifts!"
Grentch: "Grentches: 1. Nerds: 0."

Reward Dialogue

"Oh, this is exciting. We have struck a great blow against Dwayna with the success of this operation. There are great plans for these presents in the works. Twisted, maniacal, stinky plans. Hang around and you'll see something that will make everyone remember Grenth this Wintersday."


The Gift of Giving


Depart Jokanur Diggings (see below for Blacktide Den option), meeting with the Grentch Squad. Proceed south along the eastern path, taking the final bridge towards Fahranur. There are five mobs of Level 12 Brrrls, some of the mobs also having a Yeti. One of the mobs, the one closest to the bridge, has the boss Ursula the White. Kill all five mobs to complete the quest, then map back to Kamadan.

Alternate: If you enter from Blacktide Den, you won't have to meet with the Grentch Squad, which is near the Jokanur Diggings entrance. The quest only requires you to kill the mobs, so this saves time.