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Ice Imp
Species: Imp
Profession: Elementalist Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 22, (26)


Ice Imps are mischievous little creatures that dwell in the Shiverpeaks. They have increased armor against cold damage. These imps are slightly vulnerable to fire damage (see note below). Ice imps come in much higher concentrations than other types of Imps in the game. In the deeper regions of the Southern Shiverpeaks it is not uncommon to come upon groups of fifteen or even thirty of these creatures. They are particularly hard on spellcasters, as Maelstrom interrupts as it damages, and in large numbers seen in many of their mobs, they can bring an instantaneous death. They often are accompanied by Siege Ice Golems who cast Deep Freeze and spam Water Trident; combined with the Imps' Mind Freeze, any attempts at retreating or escaping the Maelstrom are significantly hindered.


Skills used[]


Eye of the North[]

Items dropped[]


  • Be cautious when fighting them with henchmen, because they will often not move out of the Imps' Maelstroms by themselves.
  • If you are hit by Mind Freeze you will most likely be the target of Maelstrom right afterwards(and vice versa), so be prepared to move quickly or activate a Hex removal.
  • Ice Imps have a very low armor level against fire damage.