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Imperial faction points were introduced in the June 2nd 2011 update and are awarded in Alliance PvP in lieu of Luxon and Kurzick Faction. These points can be converted to Luxon Faction or Kurzick Faction points at the rate of 1:1, or to Balthazar Faction at the rate of 3 Imperial Faction : 1 Balthazar Faction through Hei Tsu.

The faction cap is the sum of the cap of both your Luxon faction and Kurzick faction, giving a maximum cap of 140,000.


  • Alliance Battles
    • Players on the winning team receive 1000 Imperial Faction points.
    • All players receive their teams final score multiplied by their difficulty factor (See the Alliance Battles page for the rates), plus 10 points for each opposing team kill.
  • Fort Aspenwood
    • Players entering from the Kurzick side will receive 2500 points for a win, and 15 points for each percentile of the siege weapon completed.
    • Players entering from the Luxon side will receive 1000 points for a win, and 500 points for each gate breached.
    • All players receive 10 Imperial Faction points for opposing team kills.
  • Jade Quarry
    • Players on the winning team receive 1000 Imperial Faction points
    • All players receive 300 Imperial Faction points for each jade slab their team delivered, plus 10 points for each opposing team kill
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