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Imperial Isle
Imperial Isle
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Guild Hall
Part of: The Battle Isles
Map of Imperial Isle
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The Imperial Isle is a Guild Hall, first introduced in Guild Wars Factions.


The Imperial Isle is based on the looks of the Raisu Palace. This look is imperial red and paved. There are several blossoming cherry blossom trees, two tall waterfalls, as well as bridges which lead to an alternate route into the bases.

It features two teleporters which teleport to each other. The flag stand is situated in between the two bases and the teleporters are sandwiching the flag in. The base also includes two corridors with Acid Traps where the flags are located.

Both team bases feature a raised point with NPC Archers which can be used by Rangers to defend, directly next to the entrance.


  • Imperial palace theme, looks like Raisu Palace
  • Two teleporters between the left and right of the center
  • Features two Acid Traps within the side corridors where the flag spawns


Both teams start with several NPCs.


The map's main area with the flag stand is huge compared to all other maps. This is also the only map where the flag spawns far outside of a team's base. Since there are few obstacles to hide behind and a lot of space to run and kite, positioning relative to teammates and opponents is even more important than on other maps.

Flags on the Imperial Isle spawn outside the bases in a narrow acid-trapped corridor. When a player stands in or moves through the acid, it deals 20 armor-ignoring Earth damage per second. Thus, some teams like to send someone out to slow the runner down in the acid and quickly finish that player off with the extra damage. Runners should prepare for this maneuver by getting to the flag quickly and staying out of casting range of any opponent trying to hunt them down in the acid trap. Monks can move in below and heal runners walking along the outer edge of the acid corridor.

Additionally there are teleporters that will take you directly across the map over the flag stand. This can be useful for avoiding approaching foes.

There are several areas where it is easy to trap and block enemy players; two in particular: the Acid Traps (the corridor is narrow, so movement inhibitors can quickly kill someone stuck in the Acid Traps) and the NPC Archer's raised platform.


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