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  1. Speak to the Rift Warden when you are ready to defend the Underworld.
  2. Destroy all followers of Dwayna who attempt to breach the Underworld. They must not reclaim the stolen presents.
  3. See Rift Warden for your reward.
*BONUS*: Survive for as long as possible.

Obtained from

Rift Warden in Lion's Arch or Kamadan (during Wintersday)



"Grenth's legions have been busy this year... perhaps more so than any in the past. They've nicked countless presents meant for the good children of the world and stashed them deep within the Underworld. As we speak, Dwayna's followers have mustered to recover them. Grenth requests your dedication; guard the presents to your dying breath. Do you accept the Lord of the Underworld's challenge?"
Accept: "No child will be smiling this Wintersday. Grenth can count on me!"
Reject: "I think I hear Dwayna calling...."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Rift Warden)

"You will be transported directly to the Underworld. If you are in a party you will be separated for the duration of this task. Once there, you must recover the presents stolen by Grenth's servants. Are you ready to face the horrors of the Underworld alone?" [sic]
Accept: "I am ready."'
Reject: "I am not ready."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Avatar of Grenth)

"You have done well in your service to Grenth. Your situation in the afterlife is no doubt assured, however the Mists will have to wait... for now. Do you wish to return to the realm of the living?"
Option 1: "Take me to Lion's Arch."
Option 2: "Take me to Kamadan."
Option 3: "I want to play the bonus challenge."

Reward Dialogue

"Word of your service has already spread throughout the Underworld. Perhaps Grenth will emerge victorious with you on his side."


Upon entering the Underworld, all other party members are removed and your skills are replaced with the snow fighting skills. You must defend the stolen presents from 24 level 15 Snowmen of various professions, as well as a level 19 boss named Freezie.

Upon finishing the quest, an Avatar of Grenth appears. It offers to send you back to town or you can try the bonus, which is to defend the presents for as long as possible. There are six rounds of this bonus, each containing six Snowmen of various types. You receive one Candy Cane Shard for each completed wave. The waves are as follows:

Wave 1: Snowman, Snowman, Snowman, Mischevious, Roguish, Bustling.
Wave 2: Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy, Chilled, Pious, Playful.
Wave 3: Roguish, Industrious, Roguish, Impeccable, Glimmering, Blessed.
Wave 4: Industrious, Playful, Playful, Cordial, Chilled, Rotund.
Wave 5: Industrious, Playful, Playful, Cordial, Chilled, Pious.
Wave 6: Industrious, Playful, Playful, Cordial, Chilled, Rotund.