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The green pointer marks the Seer.

Infusion is the process of imbuing a set of armor with shielding against Spectral Agony, used by the Mursaat. Infused armor greatly reduces the damage and effects of the Mursaat's attack. Seers in Tyria will infuse all the armor equipped by party members in exchange for the Spectral Essence of an Eidolon or Ice Beast.

Infusion locations[]

Only Seers in the Prophecies campaign will infuse armor. They can be found in one area and three of the final missions of the game


Party Armor

Infusion Mechanics

  • Only equipped armor will be infused; each piece of armor must be infused, otherwise the shielding will be scaled down.
  • Each piece can only be infused once; further infusion provides no benefit.
  • Spectral Essence cannot be carried in inventory, so players must kill an Eidolon or Ice Beast each time they want to infuse a new piece of armor.
  • You can usually pay for a runner to help you infuse your armor, frequently starting from the Iron Mines of Moladune.

Infusion for Allies and Foes