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Inquisitor Bauer
Inquisitor Bauer.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer Necromancer-icon.png
Level(s): 24 (30)


Inquisitor Bauer is a member of the White Mantle, and according to the Guild Wars Lore, in charge of conducting investigations leading to discovering Shining Blade encampments and supporters.


Quest involved in[]

Skills used[]

During random encounters Necromancer/Ritualist:

During Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer Necromancer/Paragon:


North Kryta Province[]

Inquisitor Bauer: DAMN IT, we don't have time for this! Tell me where the Shining Blade is hiding.
Farmer Dirk: I don't know anything! I'm just a simple hog farmer!
Inquisitor Bauer: You're going to tell me what I want to know. It's just a question of how much it's going to hurt you.
Peacekeeper Marksman: Careful boss, you can't keep killing all of our leads...
Inquisitor Bauer: Don't question my methods!
Inquisitor Bauer: That sure is a nice pig you have there. If you tell me what you know, I'll make sure nothing bad happens to him.
Peacekeeper Marksman: Ummm... Boss?
Inquisitor Bauer: Don't interrupt me while I'm interrogating a suspect!
Peacekeeper Marksman: But...don't those guys over there look kind of familiar?
Inquisitor Bauer: I don't have time to follow your ignorant hunches, I'm a professional!
Peacekeeper Marksman: Uhhh... Ok, you're the boss...
Inquisitor Bauer: Do you see this pine cone? Do you know what I could do to you with with this pine cone?
Peacekeeper Enforcer: Mmmmphy eees ellphin ehh ruuuph.
Inquisitor Bauer: What? I can't understand a word you are saying! Why don't you take that stupid thing out of your mouth!?
Peacekeeper Marksman: He said "Maybe he's telling the truth." He has a point... maybe this farmer doesn't know anything.
Inquisitor Bauer: Impossible! Look, farmer, tell me what you know or things are going to start getting messy!
Farmer Dirk: Fine, fine... the Shining Blade is hiding in... umm...
Inquisitor Bauer: Out with it! We're running out of time!
Farmer Dirk: They're in Scoundrel's Rise! Yeah, that's it! I mean... where else would scoundrels like them be?
Inquisitor Bauer: Of course! You men stay behind and see if you can get any more information.
Inquisitor Bauer: I'm going to Nebo Terrace to gather my "interrogation supplies" so I can be first to reach the traitor's camp.
Inquisitor Bauer: I need to get there with haste! I don't want my suspects pre-beaten when I start my work!
(Inquisitor Bauer runs off)
Peacekeeper Marksman: So what do you people know about the Shining Blade?
<Player Name>: The Shining who? Never heard of them.
Peacekeeper Enforcer: mrrrmph ummmph huphin braaph?
Peacekeeper Marksman: I agree, my hulking accomplice. Perhaps we should jog their memory.
(All Peacekeepers turn hostile and attack you)

Scoundrel's Rise[]

Camryn Jamison [Collector]: Like I said to the others, "A Shining Blade camp? Around here? Ridiculous!"
Inquisitor Bauer: Impossible. I have infallible intelligence that proves the Shining Blade is working out of this area!
Peacekeeper Enforcer: Ummph emphaaarrool eemmph?
Peacekeeper Marksman: Don't worry, I don't think he knows what infallible means either...
Camryn Jamison [Collector]: Look, this entire area is infested with Skale and Mergoyles. Even the Shining Blade wouldn't set up in the middle of that.
Inquisitor Bauer: Dammit!
Peacekeeper Marksman: Don't worry boss, you can't be right all the time...
Inquisitor Bauer: No, you idiot! Clearly this means the Shining Blade have forged an alliance with the Skale and Mergoyles!
Inquisitor Bauer: We'll need to interrogate the beasts one at a time. Hop to it!
Peacekeeper Marksman: But... they can't talk!
Inquisitor Bauer: Ha! The great Inquisitor Bauer can make anyone, or anything, talk!
Camryn Jamison [Collector]: Is this guy serious?
Peacekeeper Marksman: Honestly I don't... wait... Boss, there! Shining Blade operatives!
Inquisitor Bauer: Ah ha! You thought you could hide among your beastly allies. No one hides from Inquisitor Bauer.
<Player Name>: Blast! You know of the great Mergoyle accord. The rest of the White Mantle cannot know about this.
Inquisitor Bauer: Take them alive. Start with these insolent fools!

(Entire group turns hostile and attacks you)

Inquisitor Bauer: Dammit, we don't have time for this. I need back-up!

(Inquisitor Bauer runs off)


  • Inquisitor Bauer is a clear reference to Jack Bauer, the main protagonist of the popular television series 24. "Damn it, I don’t have time!" is a phrase often used by the TV character.