Inscribed Chakram
Inscribed Chakram.jpg
Weapon details
Linked Attribute(s): Domination Magic

Fast Casting (collectors only)

Common: Iron Ingots

Pile of Glittering Dust

Rare: Steel Ingots


A focus item that is usually tied to the Domination Magic attribute. Inscribed Chakrams tied to Fast Casting are available from Tyrian collectors. There are two versions of Inscribed Chakrams tied to Domination Magic, the more common metal version and the rarer wooden variant. The Inscribed Chakrams tied to Fast Casting look identical to Accursed Icons and the Curses versions of Grim Cestas. The metal version is extremely common, and is available as loot from most or all Mesmers in all three campaigns. The wooden variant is rare, and is only confirmed to drop from mesmers in Post-Searing Ascalon.

Other items with this appearance: Metal skin

Wooden skin


Multiple regions
- Bukdek Byway


Dye affects the whole focus. The default color can be closely replicated by yellow dye. The collectors/weaponsmith Chakrams cannot be dyed.

Inscribed Chakram Dye Chart.jpg
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