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Disambiguous.png This article is about Factions campaign quests. For armor insignia, see Insignia.

The Insignia is a certificate that you receive from the Headmaster of your primary profession at the end of your training course in the Shing Jea Monastery. The certificate confirms that you have mastered the basic skills of your profession.

To receive the Insignia you must take on the respective Insignia quest from your Headmaster, which requires you to complete a number of training courses from Instructor Ng in the Shing Jea Dojo. During these quests you will receive additional free skills, which makes this a desirable task for any player.

To be allowed to start the insignia quest you must have chosen a secondary profession.

Note:If you accept each training course but do not complete them, you may return after changing your secondary profession later in the game to learn the associated skills of your new secondary profession for free.