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Instructor Ng
Instructor Ng.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 15

Instructor Ng plays a major role for new Factions Campaign characters, leading the player through Monastery Overlook to Shing Jea Monastery at the start of the Factions campaign.

After the player has attained a secondary profession, Instructor Ng grants access to the Shing Jea Dojo and advanced skill courses, to earn the profession's Insignia. Courses are offered based on both of the player's professions. If you are an Assassin/Mesmer for example, you will be able to accept Insignia quests available to both Assassins and Mesmers.

Quests given[]

Quests involved in[]



"Welcome to my dojo. This is where students receive advanced training in their chosen professions. I am known as Instructor Ng."


Completing the quests that Instructor Ng offers is not mandatory, though simply accepting the quests will be enough to gain the skills associated with them. It is possible, therefore, to skip completing them altogether and continue with the game as normal, until such point that you can change Secondary Profession through Senji or some other means. You can then return to Instructor Ng, and re-accept the quests he gives with a new secondary class, thus earning new skills for that profession as well.