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  1. Meet up with Scout Dehra.
  2. Intercept the weapon shipment.
  3. See Commander Tanmod for your reward.

Obtained from

Commander Tanmod in Dzagonur Bastion


For Your Ears Only



"We have to stop that shipment, but we'll need your help once again. I have a scout, Dehra, who is watching the major trade routes. Meet up with her. If anyone can find the caravan we're looking for, it'll be Dehra. You must stop those weapons and supplies from reaching the heket camp, or else Vabbi will be overrun and even the Citadel of Dzagon could be lost. Make haste and send the cursed caravan to Balthazar!"
Accept: "The heket won't know what hit them!"
Reject: "The heket won't know I'm there... because I won't be."
When asked about quest: "Quick! You must intercept the supply shipment or else the Citadel of Dzagon is doomed."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Scout Dehra)

"Aye, I've seen Kournans on the move. Loaded down with heavy burdens, they were. Those would be your weapons, I'll wager. You'll find them up ahead. Let me come with you, and we can make quick work of them."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Shipment Guard Captain: "Trouble has come our way. If it's trouble they are looking for, that's exactly what we'll give 'em!"

Reward Dialogue

"Thank the gods you made it back in one piece. I heard reports that the forces accompanying that shipment had more troops with it than expected. Without the additional supplies and reinforcements, any attempt to take the Citadel of Dzagon is crippled, at least for now. Best we stay on our toes. If Varesh truly wants to take the Citadel, she may now commit her own troops."


Population Control


Enter The Mirror of Lyss from Dzagonur Bastion. Talk to Scout Dehra who will then follow you and fight alongside you, but will not appear as an ally in the party list. If she dies, the quest will not be affected, and she will reappear in her usual spot after the quest. Follow the quest marker south to where the shipment is located, guarded by a large contingent of Kournan Guards and wipe them out. The quest will be complete once they are all killed, you can then map travel back to claim your reward.


  • Third in a chain of six quests:
  1. Sergeant Bolrob: Old Friends
  2. Commander Tanmod: For Your Ears Only
  3. Commander Tanmod: Interception
  4. Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: Population Control
  5. Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: Guard Rescue
  6. Lieutenant Murunda: Extinction
  • It does not matter if Scout Dehra dies during the quest.
  • You don't have to talk to Scout Dehra to complete the quest, if you intercept the shipment before you talked to Scout Dehra the quest will still be completed. In order to do this it is recommended to start the quest at Honur Hill.

Quest Series
Old Friends · For Your Ears Only · Interception · Population Control · Guard Rescue · Extinction