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International Talk Like a Pirate Day is an in-game event, started in 2008, that coincides with the International Talk Like a Pirate Day campaign. Although the actual day occurs on September 19th, the Guild Wars event takes place on the weekend closest to September 19th.

Notable features[]

  • NPCs in port cities (see below) are reskinned as Corsairs during September 19th (Pacific time).
  • All monsters have a chance of dropping a Bottle of Grog (in addition to their usual loot).


NPCs have be heard to say the following during the event:

  • "Ahoy there, Cap'n Tightpants!"
  • "Ahoy there, matey! This be a no-hornswogglin' zone."
  • "Arr! Who be ye?"
  • "Arrg! Silly landlubbers!"
  • "Arrr! It's a pirate's life for me!"
  • "Avast ye filthy land lubbers! Prepare to be boarded!"
  • "Avast! I be a pirate this day!"
  • "Drink up, me hearties!"
  • "Ho there, cap'n! Buy me a grog, eh?"
  • "I be a pir *hic*. I be a pir *hic*. I be a pir *hic*. I shteal things."
  • "I like the cut of yer jib."
  • "Me booty! Who took me booty!"
  • "Sit down on the deck, mate! Rough seas ahead."
  • "Thank the gods I'm not a landlubber!"
  • "'Tis a fine day to sail the seas!"
  • "'Tis talk like a pirate tide, don't ye know?"
  • "Yarr. I can't stop grinning."
  • "Ye salty sea dog! Buy us a drink, hey?"
  • "Well met, jim lad. We be pirates, savvy?"
  • "What will ye do with a drunken pirate, ear-lie in the morning."

NPCs affected[]

The following NPCs in Lion's Arch and Kamadan appear as Corsairs on September 19th:

Model Lion's Arch Kamadan
Warrior Warriors
Corsair Cutthroat.jpg
Monk Monks
Corsair Bosun.jpg
Necromancer Necromancers
Jack of Truths.jpg
Elementalist Elementalists
Corsair Cook.jpg
Paragon Paragons
Corsair Commandant.jpg

§ In Kamadan, two Istani commoners are transformed. The one that is mobile appears as a monk; a stationary one (near the traders in the northwest) appears as a necromancer.


Historical note.png Historical note: The 2008 event was not officially documented (no news or update notes preceded the event, as with other special events and festivals). However, Pikin (Kamadan's Hero Skill Trainer), was accidentally removed; he was later restored in a subsequent bugfix.