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Carrying the urn containing ashes of a dead person grants Ritualists a boon of some kind, such as healing, protection, or damage to foes. The bonus can be conferred while holding the ashes, after dropping them, or both; the benefits are almost always available immediately (only Anguished Was Lingwah and Lively Was Naomei delay their impact). Ashes will be dropped automatically after the spell's time limit expires and they can never be picked up.

Ashes follow the naming convention of: "Ashes of <name>".

Side Effects[]

Carrying ashes means that you cannot have weapons in your hands, which means:

  • You cannot attack using weapons or weapon spells.
  • You lose any bonuses from your weapons, which means a reduction in armor, energy, and damage reduction.
    • Energy loss caused by the item spell can appear to be greater than its cost.
    • Item spells can be used to hide energy and to end hexes (e.g. Malaise or Wither) that depend on positive energy. Item spells can also trigger adverse effects from spells such as Mind Wrack, which trigger at zero energy.
  • The urn will be visible on your screen and you will have the Drop Item button available.

Urns do not affect the following:

  • You still can gain bonuses from weapon spells cast upon you.
  • You retain your movement speed (i.e. carrying ashes does not slow you down).

You will drop the ashes when pressing the Drop button, Shadow Stepping, switching weapon sets, or when the timer runs out, resulting in the following:

  • Drop item effects will be triggered.
  • You will re-equip your last weapon set, gaining back any bonuses.


The general nature of an urn's effects can be determined from its appearance. Red, rectangular urns have offensive effects. Orange, mushroom-shaped urns have defensive or supportive effects. Silver, ovoid urns are only created by Lively Was Naomei, and resurrect their creator and nearby party members when they are dropped.

UrnRed.jpg UrnOrange.jpg UrnSilver.jpg

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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.

  • Saidra's Ashes are a special case and are not created by an item spell, but are found in an explorable area. Once picked up, they have an effect while held and provide a bonus when dropped, similar to an item spell. They use the golden chest graphic like that of Urn of Saint Viktor.

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