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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Prophecies Campaign.

Jacob Salinger
Jacob Salinger.jpg
Species: Ghost
Level(s): 10


Jacob Salinger briefs you on the Hell's Precipice mission.



"The Vizier has used you, just as the Mursaat used my soul.
What more do you need to know?"

Who are you?

"In life, my name was Jacob Salinger. I was one of the unlucky Chosen who were executed on the Bloodstone in the Maguuma Jungle."

How did you get here?

"Thousands of Chosen just like me were killed upon the Bloodstones. Our souls were captured inside the soul batteries and brought here to power the Door of Komalie."

That means that...

"Yes. Those spirits you fought after destroying the soul batteries were once Chosen, just like you. But time and imprisonment has changed many of them. But not all of us were transformed into those hideous things. Some of us remained good and pure of heart. And we are grateful to be free, but thanks to Vizier Khilbron's treachery, our release came with a price... the release of the Titans."

What do you know about the Vizier?

"Before the Searing, he was advisor to the King of Orr in all matters arcane. When the Charr reached the borders of Orr, the Vizier delved into the sacred tombs beneath Arah, the City of the Gods. There he found and unfurled the forbidden scrolls. Reading the dark magic upon it, he managed to turn back the Charr invasion, but at great cost. The resulting explosion sank Orr into the sea and transformed the Vizier from a being of flesh and bone into an undying lich, made of ichor and decay.
Now that he possesses the Scepter of Orr, the Vizier can take control of the Titans. There is no army on Tyria powerful enough to defeat them. With such power, there is little that would stand in his way."

What must I do?

"You must catch that Lich. Catch Vizier Khilbron and stop him from using his power to destroy the world."

I opened the Door. Now I'll put things right.

"You have made the right choice. Gods speed and thank you for releasing me from my eternal torture."