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The banner of the Jade Brotherhood

The Jade Brotherhood is one of the two dominant gangs of Kaineng City, the other being the Am Fah. Together, these two gangs have control over all trade of Kaineng City, both legal and illegal. However, these gangs are locked in a constant state of warfare with each other, and only cooperate over occasional crackdowns on their activities. If either were to gain the upper hand over the other, it could lead to a monopoly, and a possible coup against the emperor. The emperor's personal agents ensure that this never happens.

The headquarters of the Jade Brotherhood is located on an island in the northwest corner of the Wajjun Bazaar area. Their current leader is Quufu. During the quest Straight to the Top it is the player's task to find and eliminate Quufu.

For a list of known members of the Jade Brotherhood, see: Category:Jade Brotherhood


The Jade Brotherhood and Am Fah each use four of the eight professions available in Factions. The Jade Brotherhood uses warriors, mesmers, elementalists, and ritualists, while the Am Fah uses the remaining four: assassins, rangers, necromancers, and monks.

The only exceptions to this rule are several bosses from the two gangs. The Am Fah exceptions are Sun, the Quivering, who is a Warrior, Chung, the Attuned, who is an Elementalist, Lale the Vindictive, who is an Elementalist, Mina Shatter Storm, who is a Mesmer, and Cho, Spirit Empath, who is a Ritualist.

The Jade Brotherhood exceptions are Kenshi Steelhand, who is an Assassin, Royen Beastkeeper, who is a Ranger, Shen, the Magistrate, who is a Monk, Quufu, who is a Monk, and Ghial the Bone Dancer, who is a Necromancer. All of them are bosses.