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Jagged Horror
Species: Minion
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 0..20


Jagged Horrors are minions created upon the death of a Shambling Horror, or any other animated undead enchanted with Jagged Bones.



  • Jagged Horrors are melee fighters.
  • Jagged Horrors deal Blunt damage.
  • Jagged Horrors cause bleeding for about 30 seconds when they hit with an attack.
  • Level 16 Jagged Horrors inflict 13-34 damage against AR 60 targets, including both critical and non-critical hits. The critical hit rate and specific critical and non-critical damage ranges are currently unknown. Jagged Horrors are good for a team of casters because they provide a line of melee damage and Bleeding for 30 seconds with each attack.


  • Jagged Horrors have approximately level*3.75+5 armor.
  • Level 16 Jagged Horrors have 65 armor.

Attack speed[]

Jagged Horrors attack roughly 1 attack per 3.17 seconds (30 attacks in 95 seconds).

Decomposing rate[]

Without healing or damage, a level x Jagged Horror's life expectancy is ? minute ?? seconds.



  • Jagged Horrors share many common traits with the other types of animated undead and are subject to the same rules as all skills that rely on corpse exploitation.
  • Jagged Horrors lose health at a rate that increases over time. See article Minion for more details.
  • The appearance of a Jagged Horror is that of a Shambling Horror with the flesh removed.
  • When these minions are created through the death of another minion, they will occasionally break aggro and return to the controlling Minion master. Be wary when attempting to run past mobs without engaging them, as the spawned Jagged Horrors are likely to bring the aggro to the party.
  • It is possible to animate a Jagged Horror up to level 21 with 21 Death Magic. For information on how to raise your attribute that high, see the Attribute article.

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