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Drakkar's head frozen below the Drakkar Lake

The glow effect characters will have while standing near Drakkar's head


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Jormag is the Elder Dragon of Ice and Snow that can be found slumbering below the frozen waters of Drakkar Lake in the Far Shiverpeaks.

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Guild Wars Eye of the North.

It was Jormag's ancient power that enveloped Jora and her brother, Svanir. Jora lost her ability to become the bear and Svanir was transformed into the Nornbear and Jormag's first champion.


Drakkar clearly seen with an unsupported graphics card.

  • A glow effect will appear on characters standing near its head.
  • Jormag was previously referred to as Drakkar by players due to the explorable he is found in.
  • Some players with unsupported video cards do not see the frozen water effects over Drakkar which enables a clear view of it under the ice.
  • You can clearly see Drakkar's body shape on the radar and the map.


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