Journey to Cavalon

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Travel to Zos Shivros Channel.
  2. Speak with Watchman Bencis.
  3. See Elder Rhea for your reward.

Obtained From

Jamei in Maatu Keep


Sunjiang District (mission)



"Master Togo wanted me to give you some special instructions before you visit the Luxons. You must know that the Luxons respect strength above all else. If you wish to align yourself with the Luxons, I suggest you remember this fact. Speak to Elder Rhea first; she has a great deal of influence with all of the clans and might be sympathetic to our cause. You should be able to find her in Cavalon. To get there speak with Watchman Bencis at the Zos Shivros Channel"
Accept: "I'll seek out Elder Rhea."
Reject: "I haven't decided yet."
When asked about quest: "Okay, look. I am a busy person. I will tell this to you one more time, and then you are on your own. Speak to Elder Rhea in Cavalon. You can get there by speaking with Watchman Bencis at the Zos Shivros Channel.

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Watchman Bencis)

"You and Master Togo wish to become Luxons, do you? Well, I suggest you consult Elder Rhea on this matter. Let me know when you are ready to go to Cavalon, and I will have ol' Clampy and Pinchy here get out of the way."
Player response: "Let's go."
"When you are ready to travel I will take you to Cavalon."
Accept: "I am ready." (goes straight to the next dialogue below)
Reject: "Not right now."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Watchman Bencis)

"Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready first. Do you wish to continue?"
Accept: "Yes"
Reject: "No"

Reward Dialogue

"Shiro has returned? How can that be? Still, if Master Togo sent you, as you say, it must be true.
Our people do not trust outsiders easily. If you wish us to aid you in this fight, you must first prove yourself a friend to the Luxons."


Befriending the Luxons

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest will give you access to Cavalon. You can also access the city through the southern entrance by running there after completing the Boreas Seabed mission. However, even if you have already been to Cavalon, you must still go to Zos Shivros Channel first and enter Cavalon from there, otherwise Rhea will not talk to you about this quest.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you have already joined the Kurzicks, you can still take this quest to get into Cavalon, as you are not prohibited from helping both factions.