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Journey to the North is a buff granted to players adventuring in the Eye of the North expansion while they are below level 20.

Effect details
Journey to the North
Journey to the North.jpg
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Environment Effect

Don't stop believing. As you journey to the North, what you lack in experience will be made up for by your courage. While in Eye of the North, you'll be treated as a level 20 character; however, you will be unable to modify your attribute levels.


  • Players who are between levels 10 and 19 and are in Eye of the North locations will automatically receive a buff called Journey to the North. This buff grants players a base Health of 480 and bonuses to their attributes, and replaces their current armor level with the max armor level for that class until they reach level 20.
  • The Journey to the North buff sets one attribute to rank 12 and three additional attributes to rank 9. The effect overrides the player's current ranks in all attributes and places 12 ranks in the attribute of the weapon the player is wielding, 9 ranks in that player's primary attribute, 9 ranks based on the attribute of the focus or shield the player is wearing (if applicable), and 9 ranks based on the skills on the player's Skill Bar until the player has three attributes with 9 ranks in them. Only the two first skills to the left of the Skill Bar are prioritized when determining which attributes to buff.
  • Upon reaching level 20, the Journey to the North buff goes away the next time that player rezones.


  • The actual attributes distribution made by the player is ignored when this buff is active. (All attributes are forced to rank 12, 9 or 0 by this buff.) In some cases, players are penalized by this buff. (E.g. When they have rank 10 or higher in at least two attributes, one of these attributes would be lowered to rank 9 by this buff.)
  • Heroes do not receive this buff.


This buff likely refers to the song Don't Stop Believing by the band Journey, in both the name and at the beginning of the description.

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