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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Prophecies Campaign.

Justiciar Hablion
Justiciar Hablion.JPG
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 18..20 (20) (29)

Justiciar Hablion, Friend[]

Justiciar Hablion is a leader of the White Mantle. A powerful knight of the distinguished rank Justiciar and a religious zealot, Hablion is an imposing figure.

Jusiciar Hablion is first encountered near the end of the Gates of Kryta mission. Players aid him in his fight against the undead that plague Kryta. In return, Hablion gives the Ascalons permission to settle down in Kryta, who end up in the Ascalon Settlement. After the events of the Divinity Coast mission it is assumed that he led a group of White Mantle into the Maguuma Jungle, to rescue the Chosen.


Skills used[]

During The Rise of the White Mantle:


"The swamp is still befouled. Clear out the undead."

Justiciar Hablion, Executioner[]

Hablion in the Bloodstone Fen

Despite his supportive and compassionate facade in the Gates of Kryta mission and the Divinity Coast mission, Hablion is exposed to be the ruthless executioner who murders the Chosen on the Bloodstone deep in Maguuma Jungle to serve the Unseen Ones. This revelation in the Bloodstone Fen mission ends with the demise of Justiciar Hablion. His death inspires a terrible rage in the White Mantle, and as a group begin to hunt the Shining Blade mercilessly in revenge.


Skills used[]

Items dropped[]


  • In order to capture any of his skills, Justiciar Hablion must be killed before all the other White Mantle are at the end of the Bloodstone Fen mission. However, this should not be a big issue because all of his skills are obtainable through quests before Kryta.
  • Hablion was present when Saul D'Alessio was taken away by the Mursaat. He was one of three White Mantle followers considered 'devout' enough to live. You can also notice this in-game by observing that he is level 18, compared to the rest of Saul's companions, who are level 16.