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Kaineng Center
Kaineng Center.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Kaineng City
Party size 8
Map area 0.58%
Neighbors Bejunkan Pier
Bukdek Byway
Raisu Pavilion
Services Armor crafter
Canthan Ambassador
Dye Trader
Guild Emblemer
Guild Registrar
Material Trader
Rare Material Trader
Rare Scroll Trader
Rune Trader
Skill trainer


This area of Cantha's sprawling northern metropolis is also sometimes called "Old Kaineng" and is usually among the first stops of visitors to the Empire of the Dragon. Before the Jade Wind, the place now called Kaineng Center actually comprised most of Kaineng City, but the ensuing population explosion as citizens fled the affected regions led to an equal expansion of metropolitan boundaries. The central district's new, official moniker was approved by imperial decree in 1408 CC.

Kaineng Center is a town on the northwestern coast of Cantha. It is the economic center of the Kaineng City region. From its piers, ships set sail to the ports of other lands (i.e. the Battle Isles and other campaigns).

Getting there[]

The enemy-free run from The Marketplace to Kaineng Center


Factions Campaign characters must travel north from The Marketplace through Bukdek Byway. This is a very easy run if the optimal route is taken (see map on the right). Curiously, the primary quest chain will not create an explicit need to visit Kaineng Center until much later in the campaign, so you will need to take your own initiative to get here in a timely fashion.

Prophecies Campaign characters can get to Kaineng Center through talking to Jiaju Tai in Lion's Arch after completing the Mhenlo's Request quest.

Nightfall Campaign characters can get to Kaineng Center through talking to Funwa Shento in Kamadan after completing The Time is Nigh quest.

For characters of other campaigns, they will land at Bejunkan Pier, so will need to travel southeast to enter.




Kaineng Center[]


Hidden mural

  • Behind the Xunlai Agents is a hall leading to a locked room containing a golden chest along with high stacks of chests located in the background. By walking up to the gate and pressing the "Camera: Reverse Camera" key (Default Z), a dragon mural can be seen on the inside of the gate which is not visible from the outside. This same mural can be seen in the BMP mission, The Tengu Accords, and so the Kaineng mural might belong, or have a connection, to Minister Wona. This also might explain why it is "hidden".
  • There is a sleeping cat inside the fence between Xue Yi and Guardsman Chienpo.


  • In the center of Kaineng City when reaching the top of the first set of stairs, one should note that when looking up at the tapestry (located above Minister Nai), the symbol located on the material looks almost identical to that of the symbol of the Borg.
    • The fountain which is located only a few feet away is perfectly cube shaped and slate gray with hints of it looking almost identical to that of a Borg Ship from Star Trek.