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Species: Ghost
Profession: Ritualist Ritualist-icon.png
Level(s): 20


Kaolai is a Canthan hero of legend. His spirit resides in Tahnnakai Temple until the completion of the Imperial Sanctum mission. He was the first of the current heroes to be inducted into the temple.

As his pedestal in Tahnnakai Temple says:

When the gods walked Tyria a thousand years ago, the Ritualist Kaolai, an old man even then, challenged Balthazar to a game of Nui in exchange for sparing a village that had offended the god through some long-forgotten breach of etiquette. Balthazar laughingly accepted and the game began. Seven days later it ended with Kaolai the winner; the villagers were spared. But in a fit of anger, Balthazar slew Kaolai. Afterward, in a rare gesture of sportsmanship, the god ordered Kaolai inducted into Tahnnakai Temple.


Skills Used[]


Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Factions Campaign.

"Dun ah!"
"Cong a tae? Ah lo rai fat.... Cam bau len ah kao?"
"Ah ja singka ra beh! Ah ka Vizu jai! Behnu ra fan kuu!"
"Ah him ra beh yan."

After completion of Tahnnakai Temple (mission):

"I know not who I am, but somehow I know this: you must now travel to Deadwood Fall and retrieve the Urn of Saint Viktor from Kurzick House zu Heltzer."

After completion of Arborstone (mission):

"Now you must battle the Luxon tribes and earn the right to carry the Spear of Archimorus."

After completion of Boreas Seabed (mission):

"Shiro lies in wait for you in the Sunjiang District. Destroy the spirit rift he has created, and then drive him from that place."

After completion of Sunjiang District (mission):

"You must now earn the full trust of either the Luxon or Kurzick peoples. Fight for them, and they will grant you access to the Dragon known as Kuunavang."

After completion of The Eternal Grove (mission):

"So you have defended the Kurzick tree singers from the plague. Now lead the Kurzick people to the Unwaking Waters."

After completion of Gyala Hatchery (mission):

"By escorting the turtles of Gyala Hatchery, you have earned the trust of the Luxons. Let them show you the way to the Unwaking Waters."

After completion of Unwaking Waters (mission):

"Kuunavang is now free of Shiro's grasp. Travel to the emperor's palace, and Kuunavang will grant you the power to fight Shiro."

After completion of Raisu Palace (mission):

"I foresaw Togo's death. My time here is at an end. Togo will soon release me of my duties here. Go now to the final battle with Shiro and defeat him."