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A typical Kappa


Kappa are bipedal turtles with multiple eyes and beak-like jaws that serve the Sea Spirit Zhu Hanuku.

They tend to habitate near water (or locations that used to have water) and fitting with their preferred element all Kappa are hydromancers, i.e. conjurers of Water Magic.

Kappa are obviously inspired by the Kappa of Japanese mythology, which are "water imps" that usually resemble turtles.

In game all Kappa are simply labeled "Kappa", but they vary in habitat, size, levels, skills, and drops. For easier identification in this wiki these different types are sometimes referred to by a sobriquet according to the type of Kappa Shell they drop:

Region Kappa
Shell Type Level
Shing Jea Island Kappa "Hatchling" Kappa Hatchling Shell 1
Kappa Kappa Shell 6
"Elder" Kappa Elder Kappa Shell 10
Kaineng City "Ancient" Kappa Ancient Kappa Shell 20
Jade Sea "Archaic" Kappa Archaic Kappa Shell 23

The sobriquets (Hatchling > Elder > Ancient > Archaic) imply that Kappas can reach great age (possibly in the hundreds or even thousands of years). Obviously their power (level) increases with their age.

Skill Progression[]

Shing Jea Island Kaineng City Jade Sea
Lv1 Lv6 Lv10 Lv20 Lv23
Hatchling Kappa Elder Ancient Archaic
Turtle Shell Turtle Shell
Ice Spear Ice Spear
Water Attunement Water Attunement
Ice Spikes
Mind Freeze
Enervating Charge
Conjure Frost
Blurred Vision

Note that the Level 20 Kappa from Kaineng City almost have a completely unique set of skills compared to other Kappa.


  • According to Sujun on Shing Jea Island, the collective noun for a group of Kappas is a pride and they are very fond of cucumbers.