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Keeper of the Spear
Keeper of the Spear.jpg
Species: Forgotten
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 20

The Keeper of the Spear is one of the Forgotten collectors who award Forgotten items in exchange for a Book of Secrets, the Nightfall end-game reward item.



"Learning human ways is difficult. Your kind are strange, fey creatures! I am glad that your actions saved your people... and mine. It gives me more time to study you, to understand your purpose in this great cosmic dance, as well as our own. Here, let us help one another. Bring me 1 Book of Secrets, so that I can craft something for you that forever will remind you that our people, humans and Forgotten, are forever linked."

Collector Items[]

Keeper of the Spear[]

Location: Throne of Secrets
Collecting: 1 Book of Secrets

Prof. Type Stats Attribute Requirement Mod Prefix Suffix
Paragon Courage of the Forgotten Piercing damage: 14-27 9 Spear Mastery Damage +15% (Health >50%) Sundering 20/20 Health +30
Paragon Prayer of the Forgotten Piercing damage: 14-27 9 Spear Mastery Energy +5 Furious 10% Health +30
Paragon Spirit of the Forgotten Lightning damage: 14-27 9 Spear Mastery Energy +5 Shocking Of Enchanting 20%
Paragon Forgotten Shield Armor:16 9 Command Armor+10 (vs Lightning Damage) - Health +30
Paragon Forgotten Shield Armor:16 9 Motivation Armor+10 (vs Fire Damage) - Health +30