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  1. Strike down Lord Khobay.
  2. Return to Eternal Forgemaster for your reward.

Obtained from

Eternal Forgemaster in The Fissure of Woe


Defend the Temple of War


10,000 XP


"It was through treachery, not force of arms, that Menzies waylaid the true protectors of the Temple and imprisoned me. Imagining some greater glory he might attain, the scheming Lord Khobay, head of the Temple Guard, betrayed us and delivered the Temple into the Hands of the Shadow Army.
Seeing your approach, the coward fled, no doubt seeking to hide in the Lake of Fire. Go now and deliver justice to Lord Khobay and all of the Traitorous Temple Guards."
Accept: "I will destroy the traitors!"
Reject: "Vengeance can wait."

Reward Dialogue

"Balthazar's justice has been served. With the destruction of Lord Khobay and his followers, the betrayal of the Temple has been avenged."


After taking the quest, exit the Temple through the southern exit and head east. There will be several patrols of the Shadow Army to take out. Once your party gets to the clearing that leads to the Tower of Strength you will notice the lava pools of the Lake of Fire to the south.

Head over the bridge, you will have to fight a few groups of Obsidian Furnace Drakes (sometimes supported by a Smoke Walker) and there is one Infernal Wurm on the way to your left. Using Maelstrom is highly effective in defusing the threat of the Drakes.

When you get to Lord Khobay, the fight itself is easy. The Traitorous Temple Guards around him are not too difficult to dispatch. The most annoying aspect is the presence of another Infernal Wurm right there which will keep blasting your party, so either make sure a warrior draws its fire first and all other members of your party stay clear of that warrior, or try to lure the guards out of the wurm's attack range.

After killing Lord Khobay, return to the forgemaster for your reward.