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This page is about Kihm (Nightfall) the henchman. For an NPC of a similar name (Factions), see Khim.
Species: Human
Profession: Monk Monk-icon.png
Level(s): 3..20

Kihm, Monk Henchman[]

Kihm is a henchman available in the Nightfall Campaign. If encountered in Istan (level 15 and below), she uses Healing Prayers. At Kourna (level 20), she switches to Protection Prayers.


Note: Found in all towns and outposts of the following regions unless noted otherwise

Skills used[]


Consulate Docks

Kourna, Vabbi, The Desolation, and Realm of Torment



  • Has strong protection skills.
  • Direct heal elite.
  • Carries Aegis.


  • No hex removal
  • Tends to waste her Zealous Benediction on almost full-health allies.
  • Touch-range resurrection skill


"You think you have it rough? You've got it easy. Try being a girl in this rough and tumble world. Koss may have taught me to fight, but I taught myself to win!"


Idle quotes:

  • "Hey, are they staring at us? What's the matter with you? Your eyes stuck? You wanna fight? I got something for you! Come on! Let's beat the smirks off their faces!"
  • "Hey, everybody's got problems. Some can be healed, but others fester until something falls off or somebody goes psycho. Don't let that happen, 'kay?"
  • "I come from a long line of skillet-throwing women. I'm not afraid of anybody; are you? Now let's go toss some iron around and see who gets hit." (also used in the Desolation)
  • "I'm right behind you. No, don't turn around. The battle is in front of you. Let me worry about your backside."
  • "Look, I'm a healer. You fight and I'll keep you standing. So stop looking to see if you're hurt and get back out there!"

Battle quotes:

  • "Come over here and try that again!"
  • "Don't look at me like that. You're not my mother."
  • "Don't think about your wound. That's my job! Think about your enemy!"
  • "Get that guy over there! You know we can take him!"
  • "Just keep fighting! You'll be fine. Trust me!"
  • "Just slap a bandage on that. You'll be fine."
  • "Let me at them! I'll give them something to heal!"
  • "Let's bust out and crack some heads!"
  • "Nobody busts up my friends and leaves them bleeding."
  • "Oh, no, you didn't!"
  • "Their healer's a sissy! You hear me? SISSY!"
  • "Watch your backside, or you'll get spanked!"
  • "What do you think this is? Playtime?
  • "You wanna fight or dance? Make up your mind!"


  • Her relationship with Koss is yet unknown (see her dialogue).
  • In the German and Polish translation of the game she is called Khim.
  • When in Hard Mode in Istan, Kihm uses the skillset that she has in Istan in Normal Mode.

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