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  1. Speak to Kilroy to start the brawling tournament.
  2. Defeat eight opponents in a row to win the brawling tournament.
  3. See Kilroy Stonekin for your reward.

Obtained from

Kilroy Stonekin in Gunnar's Hold


The Throwdown in a Norn Town



"[Solo Quest] Word got out that you defeated Bjorn Thunderfist, and now travelers from all over the world want to face you in the ring! Even livestock! I've got a full tournament lined up for you this time: eight different opponents in a row to try and defeat. Care to take on the world's best with your lightning fists?"
Accept: "I will break them."
Reject: "My fingers hurt."

Intermediate Dialogue (Kilroy Stonekin)

"You will be removed from your party to fight alone. Are you ready to rumble?"
Accept: "It's go time!"
Reject: "I am not worthy."

Reward Dialogue

"You won the tournament! You're the greatest... well, you're good. I'm the greatest."


You need to defeat eight opponents in a row. Note that it says nothing about eight opponents in a row without being KO'd, so keep spamming the STAND UP! skill when you do get KO'd and continue on. You will face a random set of opponents each time, and some will have self-heals. Be sure to watch for them and interrupt them with Brawling Straight Right whenever possible. You can generate a spike of sorts by chaining the Brawling Combo Punch, Brawling Headbutt, Brawling Uppercut and Brawling Hook, so saving up enough adrenaline to unleash the three adrenal skills together can be effective.


  • This is a repeatable quest, you will need to rezone to re-take it.
  • Consider using the Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles (rewarded by the preceding The Throwdown in a Norn Town quest), they can be upgraded with weapon modifiers. It is unknown if any inscription has any effect in Dwarven Boxing but points in Dagger Mastery do add additional points of damage, so change your secondary profession to Assassin (if it's not already your primary) and place enough attribute points to meet this weapon's requirement of 9 Dagger Mastery.


  • This quest may be a reference to the old Nintendo game classic, "Punch Out!" with a similar style of fighting.
  • The Accept option is a likely reference to Ivan Drago's line in the movie, "Rocky IV".
  • Unlike the similar Norn tournament, the foes in this quest do drop regular (non-special event) items.