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Note: This landmark is part of a larger zone; to reach it, enter the zone and walk there.
King's Watch
King's Watch.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Landmark
Part of: Regent Valley (Post)
Location of King's Watch

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King's Watch is the historical place where 1072 years ago King Doric, the first king of Ascalon, was crowned. It is located in the west central area of the Regent Valley (Post-Searing), half way between Sardelac Sanitarium and Fort Ranik. In Post-Searing, it features the historical monument of King's Watch at its center. Right next to the monument you will find the ruins of a statue of Melandru.

You can reach King's Watch in Pre-Searing, although you will not find the monument. From the Lakeside County portal, follow the sign labeled King's Watch, pass Master Ranger Nente, to arrive at the still-functioning statue.

Historical Monument of King's Watch[]

This is the text on the Historical Monument of King's Watch:

Founded: Season of the Phoenix, 1 A.E

To endure is greater than to dare;

To keep heart when all have lost it;

To forego even one's own life when the end is gained;

Who can say this is not greatness?

On this site, more than one hundred years prior, the first king of the new Republic of Ascalon was crowned. It was dedicated, on this, the ninety-fifth day of the year, in the Season of the Phoenix, in honor of the passing of the greatest of all kings. This stone stands in memory to the first of all sons of Ascalon, King Doric. For it is through his sacrifice that we now live on. May his blood have been spilled for the good of all.

The Grawl Petitioner Procession[]

If you visit King's Watch, you may stumble across a pack of Grawl Petitioners, Grawl Heretics or a Grawl High Priest. These are part of a strange (random?) procession. For more information see: Grawl Religion.


The following quests take place at King's Watch: