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In King of the hill, also called altar battles matches two or three teams fight for control of the hill (usually referred to as the altar). The altar is a circular shrine at the center of the map. The winning objective is to hold the altar and score more points than your opponents.

To capture the altar, lead the Ghostly Hero there. He will use a skill called Claim Resource to capture the altar. The altar cannot be captured while an enemy Ghostly Hero that holds it is still alive. To gain a point, you must hold the altar for 30 seconds. Every thirty seconds you hold the altar, you will gain another point.


  • You will still gain the point if your Ghostly Hero dies provided no other team claims the altar.
  • If two teams have the same number of points, the winning team is the team that scored last.
  • If your Ghostly Hero dies while holding the altar, he (as well as any team members) will resurrect on the altar provided no other team captures it. Upon resurrecting, your Ghost can reclaim the altar. Until he reclaims it, other teams will still be able to claim it for themselves but you will continue scoring unless someone else captures it.
  • If your team does not hold the central altar they, as well as the Ghost, will resurrect back in your base.
  • Players resurrect every 2 minutes

Common tactics[]

  • Snare enemy Ghostly Heroes to slow their approach to the altar allowing you to arrive first.
  • Bring Song of Concentration and Aura of Stability to allow your Ghost to use Claim Resource without being in danger of interruption or knock down.
  • In a match where there are only two teams, capture the altar, kill your enemy's Ghost and rush to their base to kill the Ghost again when he resurrects. Don't worry about abandoning your Ghost because you will keep scoring if you keep their Ghost snared or dead.

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