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Kournan Peasant
Kournan Peasant Male.jpgKournan Peasant Female.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Kournan Peasants form the backbone of the economy that supports the militaristic regime of Kourna. They are found in various locations throughout the region.



The peasants of Kourna randomly respond with one of these lines:

"I work for my betters. Who do they work for?"
"Varesh Ossa protects us from outsiders."
"We work the land so the Warmarshal's troops stay strong."
"What are my needs compared to those of the Warmarshal and her troops?"
"You must leave. We are supposed to inform the garrison of any Sunspears. Please go."

After completing Kodonur Crossroads (mission):

"I've heard that the Centaurs' days are numbered."
"More of our sons have been conscripted into the war effort. Who will feed the army when we are all gone?"
"Some say Varesh is preparing a great weapon near the Mahnkelon Waterworks."
"Travel to Vabbi is impossible with Jahai closed off."
"Whatever happened to Kormir, leader of the Sunspears?"

After completing Moddok Crevice (mission):

"General Bayel is dead! Warmashal Varesh blames the Sunspears. She's sending troops into Vabbi."
"I doubt the princes of Vabbi will aid the Sunspears."
"I saw soldiers marching north, but some among them didn't look right."
"I'm sure Warmarshal Varesh will protect us should Nightfall come."
"Our quotas have increased again. They need more food... but for what?"

After completing Grand Court of Sebelkeh (mission):

"Demons and Margonites! I cannot believe it. Do such things really exist?"
"How do I continue to toil for our countrymen when our leader has gone insane?"
"I saw Varesh Ossa only yesterday. Her eyes were strange and wild."
"I worry that Varesh's god wants to destroy us all."
"Where have the Sunspears gone when we need them the most?"

After completing Ruins of Morah (mission):

"Do you have news? Is Warmarshal Varesh dead?"
"I do not trust the lies of our enemies. I still believe in Warmarshal Varesh."
"I heard that all of Kourna will fall into darkness."
"Sunspear arrogance has condemned us. I hope they are all hunted down!"
"We're all leaving Kourna as fast as we can."

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall Campaign.

After completing Abaddon's Gate (mission):

"I believed in Varesh, but Varesh betrayed us. I was such a fool."
"I hear a Vabbian noble is going to buy the throne of Kourna."
"The city is empty and the roads are dark. What future do we have in Kourna?"
"What will Kourna do now that Varesh is gone?"
"Who rules in Gandara?"