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Description[edit | edit source]

Kournan military are the troops operating mostly in Kourna under the leadership of General Bayel and Varesh herself. They are generally enemies and will attack you when approached. They are also allied with the Margonites and will sometimes group together with them.

Types[edit | edit source]

Type collectable drop
Warrior16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Guard
Warrior22 (26) Kournan Elite Guard
Warrior24 Kournan Taskmaster1
Ranger16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Bowman
Ranger20 (26) Kournan Spotter
Monk16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Priest
Necromancer16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Oppressor
Mesmer16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Seer
Mesmer20 Kournan Siege Engineer1
Elementalist16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Scribe
Elementalist22 Kournan Elite Scribe
Paragon16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Phalanx
Paragon20 Guard Post Commander1
Paragon22 Kournan Elite Spear
Paragon20, 24 (26) Kournan Field Commander
Paragon20 Kournan Marshall
Dervish16, 20 (25, 26) Kournan Zealot
Dervish22 Kournan Elite Zealot
Kournan Pendant
  1. Mission-specific.

Hard mode levels are in parentheses.

See also[edit | edit source]

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