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Krytan Herald
Krytan Herald.JPG
Species: Human
Level(s): 15


Krytan Heralds are town criers and harbingers of an impending evil that can be found in some of the towns in Kryta. They appear to be guiding players to the Temple of the Ages as it seems to be the only topic they speak of.


There are presently three Krytan Heralds in the game:


The Krytan Herald in D'Alessio Seaboard says nothing.

The Krytan Herald in Bergen Hot Springs:

"The Temple of the Ages is an old Krytan holy site from before the time when the White Mantle and their unseen gods came to our land. It stands at the edge of an ancient funeral launch where the dead were laid to rest long ago.
Few venture that far into the swamp any more. Those who do have seen the dead march, defiling even the sacred waters. Now though, even greater terrors arise.
This is not an adventure for the weak or the cowardly. Head to the west from here. if you make it to the swamp, look to the north for the Temple of the Ages. Chances are good you'll find allies there, perhaps ones strong enough to defeat the new evil."

The Krytan Herald in the Temple of the Ages:

"Since the undead have arrived, scouts have reported the presence of six other terrifying creatures. The great minotaur Rage Maulhoof, two skale brothers, Frash the Cold, and Gack Mindwrecker... even a few Winglord Caromi have been spotted in the area.
"Worse yet, nature itself rebels against the undead presence. The Tree of Judgment grows in the south, and a Shadow of Death lurks in the darkest corner."