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Kurzick Ambassador
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


If you are the leader of a Guild and want your guild to pledge allegiance to the Kurzicks, you must speak to a Kurzick Ambassador.

Pledging your allegiance will require 500 gold.


As the leader of <Guild name>, you may pledge you alliance to join the Kurzick cause. If you fight well enough, you may be given control over territories that fall into Kurzick hands. Are you ready to make such a commitment? Then repeat after me:
We, <Guild name>, recognizing the greatness of the Kurzick nation, do pledge our support and loyalty to all the Houses of Echovald, promising to favor neither one over another nor to neglect the needs of the whole for the needs of the one.
I, <name>, as leader of my alliance, do make this oath for myself and for those who follow me.
Hello, <name>. Your alliance has already pledged its loyalty to the Kurzicks. If you wish to improve the position of your alliance, talk to the Scribe. Alliances with the greatest reputation are granted territories to control. If you wish to do battle against the Luxons, talk to the Kommandant. Victory will allow us to protect more territory.
May the gods watch over you.



  • If you are having problems switching because of ties needing to be severed, be sure you have left any alliance you are in.


Bug.png Bug! The ambassador urges you to speak with a scribe to improve your faction rating, even though that function has since transferred to the bureaucrat.