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Kurzick Bureaucrat
NPC Kurzick Bureaucrat.jpg

Species: Human
Profession: Faction Rewards
Level(s): 10


The Kurzick Bureaucrat is an NPC that offers rewards in exchange for Kurzick Faction. The rewards available are:

He can also tell you how to raise your Kurzick faction cap.

Spending faction on Amber or a Passage Scroll will add the same number of points to your Friend of the Kurzicks title. Spending faction on a PvE skill or to raise your alliance's faction will add double that number of points to the title.

Whenever you redeem Kurzick faction, you will lose an equivalent amount of Luxon Faction.



When players don't have enough faction:

"Hello <Player Name>. Come talk to me when you have accumulated at least 1,000 Kurzick faction. I will see to it that you are duly awarded for all of your deeds in service to the Kurzick nation."

When players are able to transfer 1,000 faction:

"Greetings, <Insert Name>! You can spend your Kurzick faction points for more tangible rewards. Every time you redeem your faction points for a reward, you will make progress in the Friend of the Kuzicks title track."

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