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  1. Deliver the Kurzick supplies to Quartermaster Mikhail.

Obtained from

Supplymaster Konrad in Ferndale



"Hmph. Another outsider who wants our help, eh? Well, if you want help from the Kurzicks, you'd better be prepared to help us in return. The Luxons think they can outlast us, but we have enough supplies to last for years to come. Our problem is getting the supplies to those that need them: the troops on the front lines. Those Luxon cowards keep attacking our supply caravans, and I can't spare the guards to fend them off. We need another way to get the supplies to the front, and I'd say you fit the bill. Deliver these supplies to Quartermaster Mikhail, and then we'll talk about what help we can offer you in return."
Accept: "A delivery? Sure, sounds simple enough."
Reject: "Find someone else to play postman."

Reward Dialogue

"You have proven your worth, outlander. We Kurzicks are in your debt."


This quest requires you to carry supplies from just outside House zu Heltzer in Ferndale to near Lutgardis Conservatory. Note you cannot fight while carrying the supplies -- you must drop them before using a weapon. You have to carry the supplies the entire way; you can't just use the map to travel. Thus you should bring a full party, as there are many enemies along the path and it's a long (albeit direct) one.

As you will be walking a long distance across Ferndale, you should combine this quest with other quests in the area, such as Melodic Gaki Flute and the first part of The Beak of Darkness.

At the end of this quest you will be outside Lutgardis Conservatory, so you can use this quest to guide you there.

It is difficult but possible to run this quest. With a full party in tow you can at least run to each resurrection shrine, even if you have to drop the supplies near the end to get there. Then you can head back from the Conservatory rez spot with a full party to get them & not have to cover the same ground all over again. Just deliver the supplies and that's it.

Consider combining this with the repeatable quest Scouting Ferndale obtained from Forestermaster Vasha, also in Ferndale. Enter Ferndale from Lutgardis Conservatory and collect the quest from the Forestmaster. This will lead you almost to the Supplymaster. Collecting the Supply Lines quest at this point means you will be able to follow your cleared path back to the Forestmaster with the supplies, and deliver them to their recipient who conveniently stands alongside the Forestmaster. Once both rewards are collected, you may then zone into Lutgardis Conservatory and return to repeat.

This quest is repeatable. Once you receive your reward, you can re-zone and receive the quest again.