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  • Locate the laboratory of Oola, the Asuran master golemancer.
  • Find Oola's former assistant, Blimm in Rata Sum.
  • *ADDED* Meet Blimm in Magus Stones.
  • *ADDED* Travel with Blimm to the secret entrance to Oola's Lab in Magus Stones.
  • *ADDAD* Defeat the timberland guardian and pick a vine seed from it's remains to open the birdge to Oola's Lab.
  • *ADDED* Speak to Blimm about the secret entrance to Oola's Lab.

Obtained from

Lork in Vlox's Falls



"You'll never get this project off the ground without Oola. She's the most proficient golemancer around. Problem is that she's locked herself away in her underground laboratory. I don't know exactly where it is, but I do know someone who can take you there. However, for that information, you will owe me a favor. Deal? Okay. if you want to find Oola, speak to her former assistant, Blimm. He's a bit odd, but he knows how to find her. Look for Blimm in Rata Sum. And when i come calling for that favor, don't try to weasel out of it, human. It won't work. Remember, I'm much smarter than you."
Accept: "I'm off to find Blimm, so I can find Oola. And yes, I owe you a favor."
Reject: "I think i left a pot boiling back at the Eye of the North"
When asked about quest: "If you want to find Oola's Lab, talk to Blimm in Rata Sum. He used to work for her, although I hear he has some issues to work out. And don't forget you owe me one"

Completion Dialogue

Oola didn't fire me. I quit. She moved my desk into the cellar and stopped paying me. After a couple of months, I left. I loved that staff. Someday I'm going to burn her lab down if I don't get it back. Oh yes! Well anyway, you'll find Oola's Lab below all the traps. Good luck disarming them. If I had my stadd I'd help you. When you're ready to enter, speak to me and I'll use this vine seed to open the path to Oola's Lab.

Intermediate Dialogue (Blimm)

"Who's there? Do you have my staff? No? Oh, Lork send you. I owe him a favor. Yeah. Yeah. I can help find Oola's workshop. I'ts not easy to get to, though. I should know. I helped design the security system. It's good. Really good. Heh. Meet me in Magus Stones and I'll show you the way to her lab. By the way, have you seen my red staff?"


  • This quest appears to be a reference to the movie Office Space.