Lady Glaive was the leader of the Corsairs during the Second Great Corsair War in ancient Elonian history, and captain of the Queen of Fools. Her armada was defeated by Seamarshal Maloha's forces, but she and her ship escaped.

After her defeat, she held parlays with King Zoran of Orr, requesting a resting place. Her crew was allowed to stay in the Shards of Orr. However, First mate Fendi Nin made a separate deal with the Orrian king's advisor, and seized control of the Queen of Fools.

The repercussions of Fendi Nin's dark deal became apparent in the caves of the Shards of Orr, and the vast majority of the crew was damned and transformed into Undead. Lady Glaive escaped this fate, fleeing the caves and sealing her former crew inside. It is unknown what became of Glaive herself.



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