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  1. The Centaurs need more gray giant tusks. Collect 3...0 more before returning to the village.
  2. See Mirza Veldrunner for your reward.

Obtained from

Mirza Veldrunner in Turai's Procession


Gate of Desolation (mission)



"<name>, it is good to see you again. Have you ever been caught in the shadow of a gray giant? It's a frightening place to be, but one my people are familiar with. For many years, we hunted the beasts for their tusks. Call the practice barbaric if you want, but our society depends on these sturdy trophies to craft all manner of items from weapons to household items. Perhaps we have been overzealous in our quest for tusks, as the giants have left the area and sought refuge from our spears deep in the Desolation. We cannot tolerate the noxious air there, but you can. I'll pay you to retrieve 3 gray giant tusks. How about it?"
Accept: "Sure, I like killing stuff!"
Reject: "I'm morally opposed to this. Find someone else."

Reward Dialogue

"These are perfect! It pains me to think that the only ones left belong to the undead survivors of this race. Aw, who am I kidding. The glitter of gold helps me forget the guilt. Oh, here. Take this as a symbol of our appreciation."


Kill Sadistic Giants and Nomad Giants in The Desolation to obtain Giant Tusks. One viable location for harvesting tusks is The Shattered Ravines. Starting from the Lair of the Forgotten, a person can solo groups of giants inside a junundu though there's sometimes random spawns around the Wurm Spoor making it difficult to access. After you have collected them, head back to where you met Mirza earlier to get the reward.


  • Although this quest is given in Kourna, it is listed under Desolation quests.