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Lazarus the Dire
Lazarus the Dire.jpg

Species: Mursaat
Profession: Necromancer Necromancer-icon.png
Level(s): 24


Lazarus the Dire is one of the Mursaat who survives the Titan incursion. He was one of the highest ranking Mursaat, having fought alongside Saul D'Alessio, Mercia the Smug and Optimus Caliph himself. He appears during the quest: The Justiciar's End.

Quests Involved In

The Justiciar's End



"Our power is great. Have no fear that we will succeed in saving Kryta tonight."


  • Contrary to the implications of some of the dialogue in "The Justiciar's End," Lazarus does not disappear (like the Mursaat at the end of the bonus mission) nor does he die when his "power twists on itself" at the quest's conclusion. Instead, he just kind of floats off the way he came and disappears by the zone portal.
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