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Quest map


  1. Travel to Bjora Marches and enlist the help of the tundra wolves. 6...0 of 6 remaining.
  2. Head south to meet the oncoming Destroyer threat.
  3. Defeat the Destroyer onslaught.
  4. See Hogni Truthseeker for your reward.

Obtained from

Hogni Truthseeker in Drakkar Lake


Curse of the Nornbear


Common to all professions Volfen Blessing (elite)


"Listen, little one. Do you hear the howls riding the wind? They have much to tell those who would listen.
The wolf represents the visceral thrill of combat. Savagery stirs in every heart. The pulse quickens when hand hefts weapon. A snarl curls the lip when blood is in the air, calling the pack to hunt. the wolves beckon us to battle.
Something unnatural has come to these lands. You know them as Destroyers. Yes I know of them, and the destruction they leave in their wake. Wolf now sends his children to fight them. If you are to learn the ways of the hunt, you must run with them. Go to Bjora Marches. Prove your strength to the wolves and fight by their side as you would ours, and I will grant you the Volfen Blessing."
Accept: "I could use a good run."
Reject: "You must be howling mad."

Reward Dialogue

"The wolves howl the tale of your deeds for all to hear, little one. Tell me, did you feel the sharpening of your senses as you became one with the pack? Did your nostrils flare as the pungent odor of blood filled the air? Did you revel in the image of your face seared into the eyes of your dying foe? That is the true thrill of battle. If you would run in our pack, little one, embrace that emotion, and let its power course through your veins."


Start from Longeye's Ledge, follow the quest marker to the tundra wolves den (#1 on the map). There will be one Alpha Tundra Wolf and five Tundra Wolves, they will initally attack, but then become friendly and ally to the party once their health is brought down to around 20%. Once all six are allied, the quest marker moves slightly south to where the Destroyers will arrive (#2 on the map), assemble there and await the attacks. Four waves of 3-5 Destroyers each will arrive. Once defeated, return to Hogni to claim your reward.


  • After you finish this quest, the wolves will stay with you, giving you six allies while you stay in this zone. This is a good chance to explore the map, since the wolves will make most fights a lot easier.
Bug.png Bug! If you step through the portal into Norrhart Domains, the quest will seem to be bugged. The quest marker will erroneously lead you to the Destroyer fight point, even though you still have to re-recruit the wolves. Also, if you re-enter from Norrhart Domains again, the Destroyers won't spawn - but if you return to Jaga Moraine and then back to Bjora Marches, the quest resumes properly. In fact, you get credit for the Destroyer groups already being killed.