Levels of drunkenness

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is based on experimental research conducted by the community, and may contain inaccuracies and speculation. While we strive for accuracy in these articles, we make no claims of experimental rigor or unbiased conclusions. Caveat lector.

Levels of drunkenness[edit | edit source]

There are 6 levels of drunkenness distinguishable when dealing with Dwarven Ale, Hunter's Ale, Rice Wine, Juniberry Gin, and Vabbian Wine.

  • When you do not drink any kind of alcohol, you are at level 0. For each drink of one of the above mentioned alcohols you ascend by one level until you reach the highest level. After which, drinking alcohol has no effect other than the waste of money.
  • For every minute of drunkenness, above level 0, you will automatically descend one level until you reach level 0.
  • Descending from level 5 to 4, level 4 to 3, and level 3 to 2 will EACH earn 1 minute towards the Drunkard title. Descending from level 2 to 1 and level 1 to 0 will NOT earn any minutes towards the Drunkard title.
Level Drunk Talking Emotes
0 no no no
1 no no no
2 no no no
3 yes no no
4 yes yes yes
5 yes yes yes

As you can see, it is most efficient to stay within level 2 and 5 to gain the Drunkard title. E.g. you could drink 5 ales in a row then wait for 3 minutes so that you drop to level 2. Then you have to drink another 3 ales to get back to level 5 and so on.

Vision for each level depending on drink[edit | edit source]

The kind of image distortion and coloring depends on the last drink you took. So it is irrelevant if you drink 4 Vials of Absinth and then 1 Witch's Brew or 5 Witch's Brews. Both combinations will result in level 5 Witch's Brew-drunkenness.

Hunter's Ale Witch's Brew Vial of Absinthe
Level 1 Hunters Level 1.jpg Witchs Level 1.jpg Absinthe Level 1.jpg
Level 2 Hunters Level 2.jpg Witchs Level 2.jpg Absinthe Level 2.jpg
Level 3 Hunters Level 3.jpg Witchs Level 3.jpg Absinthe Level 3.jpg
Level 4 Hunters Level 4.jpg Witchs Level 4.jpg Absinthe Level 4.jpg
Level 5 Hunters Level 5.jpg Witchs Level 5.jpg Absinthe Level 5.jpg