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Leviathan Fish are a breed of shellfish that can be found roaming the surface of the Jade Sea. Like their cousins the Jade Fish, these (usually) large sized sea creatures have adapted to the transformation of the sea into jade and have adapted to life on land. Leviathan Fish are encountered in both Leviathan Fish patrols and mixed Jade and Leviathan Fish patrols in the deeper parts of the Jade Sea, after the Gyala Hatchery mission, Leviathan Fish are hostile to Outcasts.

The Leviathan Fish seem to be named after parts of the Leviathan, a giant sea serpent seen frozen in many parts of the Jade Sea and encountered in the Deep. In fact, each sub-species of Leviathan Fish seems to look like the part of the Leviathan it is named after:

  • Leviathan Claw/Leviathan Arm: These seem to be part of the torso of the Leviathan. The long body with the many claws/arms resembles a chain of these creatures stacked on top of each other.
  • Leviathan Eye/Leviathan Mind: These creatures (with their M shape) resemble the forehead of the Leviathan.
  • Leviathan Mouth/Leviathan Head: These creatures with their many legs and pincers resemble the jaws and the head of the Leviathan.

It is unknown however if the naming is simply for the resemblance or if these creatures are parts of the larger sea monster.

Region Type Collectable Drop
Factions Campaign
The Jade Sea Warrior24 Leviathan Claw
Ranger24 Leviathan Mouth
Mesmer24 Leviathan Eye
Moon Shell
The Deep NA-icon-small.png30 The Leviathan1
Warrior28 Leviathan Arm
Ranger28 Leviathan Head
Mesmer28 Leviathan Mind
  1. The Leviathan's species is unconfirmed.

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Leviathans in Guild Wars are inspired by the Leviathan, a Biblical sea monster referred to in the Old Testament.