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Lightbringer is a title available to characters who play through the Nightfall campaign. A character's rank in the Lightbringer title track is determined by number of Lightbringer Points accrued and becomes displayable from your titles list at rank 1.

Lightbringer title track[ | ]

The Lightbringer title is awarded by collecting Lightbringer promotion points, through either quest rewards or killing certain monsters while under the effect of the corresponding bounty.

Rank Title Lightbringer Points
1 Lightbringer 100
2 Adept Lightbringer 300
3 Brave Lightbringer 1,000
4 Mighty Lightbringer 2,500
5 Conquering Lightbringer 7,500
6 Vanquishing Lightbringer 15,000
7 Revered Lightbringer 25,000
8 Holy Lightbringer 50,000

Earning Lightbringer points[ | ]

There are multiple ways to earn Lightbringer points:

Title benefits[ | ]

Lightbringer effect[ | ]

You obtain this status effect from this title after earning Lightbringer rank 1 and then talking to the Seeker of Whispers in the Chantry of Secrets. It is recommended you display this title when fighting demon types (see Lightbringer skills below).

Effect details
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Title effect
Title: Lightbringer rank

For each rank of Lightbringer, you deal 5% more damage to and have +1 damage reduction against Abaddon and his demonic servants.

Lightbringer rank 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
+% Damage 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


  • If you equipped the title before obtaining the status effect from the Seeker of Whispers, you can't benefit from it until you un-check it and then check-mark it again.
  • The damage bonus does apply to certain armor-ignoring damage types (such as that dealt by Energy Surge, Chaos Storm, and Pain Inverter).
  • Displaying this title confers its effects on your character and your Heroes. The bonus effect is applied at the end of skill activation, so if you change your title during an activation, the resulting effect will be related to your new title status.
Bug Bug! The damage reduction only appears to last for a certain duration or a certain number of hits for "55" builds using Protective Spirit; toggling the title off/on after casting resets the reduction, so that the game uses the correct amount. Be aware, this bug might also apply in other situations.

Lightbringer skills[ | ]

The following PVE-only skills can be acquired from the Seeker of Whispers:

These skills are used to combat "Abaddon and his demonic servants" in the Nightfall campaign and increase in effectiveness along with the Lightbringer rank. The skills (and the Lightbringer effect available when displaying the title) work against the following:

Hero skill points[ | ]

Rising in Lightbringer ranks awards Hero skill points. With these, skills can be bought from Hero skill trainers for the character and will be unlocked for all heroes and PvP characters.

Notes[ | ]

Historical note Historical note: Prior to the November 13th, 2008 game update, maxing this title contributed towards the Favor of the Gods.

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