Locate Professor Gai

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Search Sunqua Vale for Professor Gai.

Obtained from

Headmaster Quin in Shing Jea Monastery

Skills given

The following skills are given upfront, not as a reward:


Seek Out Headmaster Quin
Speak with Headmaster Quin (Ritualist)



"The spirits tell me that Professor Gai is ready to begin your training in the Ritualist arts. It seems that some Necromancer or other has left us with quite a mess to look after. Not that I am suprised. You'll find Professor Gai in Sunqua Vale."

Reward Dialogue

"Headmaster Quin believes you are ready for training, does she? Well, the spirits share many things with her that the rest of us cannot conceive. She is fortunate to have such omniscient allies, is she not? Well, we had better commence your indoctrination into the Ritualist arts."


Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When you accept the quest you are given the skills Painful Bond and Vengeful Weapon (and if you are not a primary Ritualist, the skill Pain and a Starter Ritualist Wand). Leave Shing Jea Monastery and head into Sunqua Vale. Head southwest and you will find Professor Gai standing near Kaabo Cemetery. Talk to him to complete this quest.