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A location is a broad and generic term used by this wiki to describe a named place or area within the Guild Wars world.

Types of location[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars and Guild Wiki use location similar to how it is used in English: it can be used to describe a large area (e.g. zone), a spot on the map (e.g. outpost), or a point of reference (e.g. Landmark).

Lists of locations[edit | edit source]

By campaign

The following pages list locations according to the campaign they belong to:

By other points of view

Taxonomy[edit | edit source]

Locations are listed in order from largest to smallest (with some overlapping); if a location type is indented, it also belongs to the unindented type above it. For example, a Guild Hall is a type of Staging Area. From this, it follows that all the types listed below are locations.