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This article lists all core locations (available in all campaigns) by the following tree structure.


CityIcon sml.png Town
ArenaIcon sml.png Arena
GuildHallIcon sml.gif Guild Hall
OutpostIcon sml.png Outpost
MissionIcon sml.png Mission
ChallengeIcon sml.gif Challenge
POI.gif Point of Interest

A list of all locations in the game, sorted by type can be found under: Locations (by Type)

The Battle Isles[]

GuildHallIcon sml.gifGuild Hall
CityIcon sml.pngGreat Temple of Balthazar
OutpostIcon sml.pngZaishen Menagerie
ChallengeIcon sml.gifZaishen Challenge
ChallengeIcon sml.gifZaishen Elite
ArenaIcon sml.pngRandom Arenas
ArenaIcon sml.pngCodex Arena
ArenaIcon sml.pngHeroes' Ascent (→ Hall of Heroes)

Realms of the Gods[]