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This article lists all locations in the Factions campaign by the following tree structure.


FactionsTownIcon sml.png Town
FactionsArenaIcon sml.png Arena
FactionsGuildHallIcon sml.png Guild Hall
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Outpost
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Mission
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Challenge Mission
POI.gif Point of Interest

A list of all locations in the game, sorted by type can be found under: Locations (by Type)

As several areas of the game are initially "locked" or inaccessible even though you have found their portal, comments are being added noting how to "unlock" or gain access those areas. Other areas can only be "discovered" or reached by completing certain missions or arriving at other locations. Comments on those are being added as well. See Factions Area Unlocking.

Shing Jea Island[]

FactionsTownIcon sml.png Shing Jea Monastery
FactionsArenaIcon sml.png Shing Jea Arena
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Tsumei Village
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Minister Cho's Estate (mission) ...(location) ...(explorable)
POI.gifKaabo Cemetery
POI.gifLake Puang
POI.gifShrine of Maat
POI.gifZhengjo Temple
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Ran Musu Gardens
POI.gifOnghsang Island
POI.gifSeijun Woods
POI.gifTomaat Pass
POI.gifKaitan Village
POI.gifRaiyan Cave
POI.gifQi Falls
POI.gifPort Kaimu
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Seitung Harbor
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Zen Daijun (mission) ...(location) ...(explorable)
POI.gifDaochu Village
POI.gifHanzing Pier
POI.gifJatin Village
POI.gifLinkei Township
POI.gifTeipoa Island
POI.gifYuroso Island
POI.gifWahju Falls

Kaineng City[]

FactionsTownIcon sml.png Kaineng Center
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) - Unlocked by Welcome to Cantha quest for Tyrian and Elonian Characters
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Raisu Palace - Unlocked by Taking Back the Palace quest
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Imperial Sanctum - Discovered by completing Raisu Palace mission
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Dragon's Throat - Discovered by completing Vizunah Square mission
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png The Marketplace
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Nahpui Quarter - Unlocked by Closer to the Stars quest
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Vizunah Square (Local Quarter)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Senji's Corner - Discovered by completing Nahpui Quarter mission
POI.gifThe Roost
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Tahnnakai Temple - Unlocked by To Tahnnakai Temple quest
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Zin Ku Corridor - Discovered by completing Tahnnakai Temple mission
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Sunjiang District
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Maatu Keep

Echovald Forest[]

FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Tanglewood Copse
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Arborstone - Unlocked by The Count's Daughter quest.
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Altrumm Ruins - Discovered by completing Arborstone mission.
POI.gif Zu Brauer Amber Reserve
FactionsTownIcon sml.png House zu Heltzer - Unlocked by Journey to House zu Heltzer quest.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Aspenwood Gate (Kurzick)
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Fort Aspenwood (Kurzick)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Lutgardis Conservatory
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Saint Anjeka's Shrine
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Brauer Academy
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png The Eternal Grove - Unlocked by The Defenders of the Forest quest.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Jade Flats (Kurzick)
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png The Jade Quarry (Kurzick)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Vasburg Armory - Discovered by completing The Eternal Grove mission.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Durheim Archives
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Unwaking Waters (Kurzick) - Unlocked by Into the Whirlpool quest.
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Amatz Basin

The Jade Sea[]

FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Boreas Seabed
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Zos Shivros Channel - Discovered by completing Boreas Seabed mission
FactionsTownIcon sml.png Cavalon - Unlocked by Journey to Cavalon quest.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Breaker Hollow
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Jade Flats (Luxon)
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png The Jade Quarry (Luxon)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Aspenwood Gate (Luxon)
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Fort Aspenwood (Luxon)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Bai Paasu Reach
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Eredon Terrace
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Gyala Hatchery - Unlocked by the Stolen Eggs quest
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Leviathan Pits - Discovered by completing Gyala Hatchery mission
POI.gifCreon Jade Mine
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml.png The Aurios Mines
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Seafarer's Rest
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml.png Unwaking Waters (Luxon) - Unlocked by the Journey to the Whirlpool quest
FactionsOutpostIcon sml.png Harvest Temple